Eagan Hockey Association

2019-2020 Season Registration


Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season Registration!

Registration Eligibility

NOTE: Eagan Hockey Association DOES NOT serve the entire city of Eagan.

The governing body for Eagan Hockey is Minnesota Hockey. Minnesota Hockey states that registration for hockey is based on the association of residence or the association of school attendance. Eagan Hockey's service area is defined by the boundaries of attendance at Eagan High School as defined by District 196.  Anyone who lives within that area or attends a school (public or private) that is within that attendance area can register with Eagan Hockey. Exceptions are students at schools that serve multiple associations such as Red Pine and Blackhawk. Students at those schools default to their association of residence. 

Before you begin, please verify that your family is eligible to play in the Eagan Hockey Association by entering your house number and city at this link. If your address appears and the link shows "Eagan High School" as the high school that serves your address, you are free to register here. Otherwise, please see the appropriate neighboring associations (Eastview, Rosemount, Sibley, Apple Valley, or Burnsville).

If you have any questions about where to register, please contact Tracy Olson at the link at the bottom of the page. We will not give full refunds to those that register incorrectly and did not check ahead of time.

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and submit payment.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. 

For the 2019-2020 hockey season there will be a required number of volunteer POINTS to be fulfilled per family. The EHA Board voted to retain the requirement to 4 points per family (and the $100 deposit) for this upcoming season.   We want all of our members to feel involved and connected to our hockey community! For more information on volunteer requirements please visit:  http://www.eaganhockey.com/page/show/607142-volunteering

Please be sure to read carefully and double-check your registration before final submission. Incorrect or duplicate registrations will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Please also register your player with the same name you registered with last season to avoid having to re-verify citizenship and birth date. 

Grade Level Move-ups and 4 -5 Year Olds (PreK)

If you are a grade level move-up (a 6th grader who has a birthday that falls outside the normal age for Pee Wees, for example) please make sure you have the correct grade entered and then select the playing level that matches your age.  You will then be presented with a choice to play up to the grade appropriate level. 


If your skater is 4 -5 years old (PreK),  Eagan Hockey Association is excited to offer a hockey program for PreK  skaters!  Boys and girls born between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 are eligible to participate in this new program which will be called “Termites”.   The Termite level will have 11 hour-long ice times beginning in early December and ending in late February.   Ice times will be roughly once per week, with the majority occurring on weekends.  While participants are not expected to be proficient skaters, it is expected that they are able to get up on their own after falling.


If you have questions or issues with the process, please contact Tracy Olson at the link below.

USA Hockey Requirement

Each Player must register first with USA Hockey and then return to this Registration Session to signup for the 2019-2020 Season.

If you have already registered for the Fall Clinics, you can skip the next two steps. Simply check your email for the required confirmation number for the next steps.

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to  SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.

Payment Schedule, Financial Assistance Policy and Application

This season we will continue a 4-payment plan to ease the initial costs. Please see the "Payment Options" section on the "Organization Options" page of the registration.

For more information on the EHA's financial assistance options, please click on the link below or reference the policy and application on the Forms page. 



Age Brackets and Payment Plan

Level Birthdate Range Total Cost Due At Registration Payment Plan Available
*Denotes Goalie Price
Boys and Girls
Termites (PreK) 7/1/14 -6/30/15 $0 $0 No
Mites Prep (K and 1st Grade) 7/1/12-6/30/14 $50 $50 No
Mites (2nd /3rd Grade) 7/1/10-6/30/12 $405 $405 No
6 & under (K and 1st Grade) 7/1/12-6/30/14 $50 $50 No
8 & under (2nd/3rd Grade) 7/1/10-6/30/12 $405 $405 No
10 & under (4th /5th Grade) 7/1/08-6/30/10 $925/695* $310 Yes
12 & under (6th/7th Grade) 7/1/06-6/30/08 $1410/1055* $470 Yes
15 & under (8th/9th Grade) 7/1/03-6/30/06 $1280/960* $425 Yes
Squirts (4th/5th Grade) 7/1/08-6/30/10 $925/695* $310 Yes
Pee Wee (6th /7th Grade) 7/1/06-6/30/08 $1410/1055* $470 Yes
Bantam (8th/9th Grade) 7/1/04-6/30/06 $1410/1055* $470 Yes
Junior Gold A and B 7/1/00-6/30/04 $1000/750* $335 Yes
16 & Under (10th Grade) 7/1/02-6/30/04 $1000/750* $335 Yes

Tryout Fees


  • A FEE OF $165(non-refundable) must be paid at the time of registration for all players who wish to try-out for one of the following teams:
    • Pee Wee
    • Bantam
  • A FEE OF $115 (non-refundable) must be paid at the time of registration for all players who wish to try-out for one of the following teams:
    • Squirt


  • A fee of $120 (non-refundable) must be paid at the time of registration for all players who wish to try-out for one of the 12U Girls teams.
  • A fee of $115 (non-refundable) must be paid at the time of registration for all players who wish to try-out for one of the 10U Girls teams.
  • Tryout Fees include the cost of the pre-tryout clinics.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Tracy Olson


Phone: (651) 600-5224